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How Flavor Media Came To Be

Food blogging has made quite the transformation over the past decade. What started with narrative, creative, fun hobby sites has ballooned into a massive income-driven industry. Over 500,000 active food blogs generate millions of dollars monthly

While content creation can be a solo-preuneuer endeavor, conferences have been the catalyst for countless collaborative connections. Plus, attending an in-person event causes a major trajectory shift in mindset. Inspiration from others’ success unleashes our own personal brands’ potential!

However, once our businesses were established and generating growing revenues, we found these events still sparked personal connections, but didn’t offer revelatory content for monetized food bloggers.

We wished there was a community that would better serve us – one geared towards established, monetized bloggers who want to level up in their business growth.

This was our inspiration behind Flavor Media Summit – a workshop-style event where the attendees actually walk away with a TON of valuable information and specific knowledge. They will implement business tactics immediately, right then and there!

Meet Your Hosts!

Megan Porta has been a food blogger at Pip and Ebby for 13 years. Megan has experienced many evolutions of the industry, from narrative-style recipes to a highly-optimized, SEO-driven site reaching millions of users. 

Megan has always loved the community of food bloggers, and turned her passion for teaching business strategies into another successful business – Eat Blog Talk, a podcast and community for food bloggers, professional mastermind groups, and many in-person retreats.

Melissa Erdelac has been food blogger at MamaGourmand for 8 years. During that time she learned the value of niching down her brand and how it can exponentially grow your audience and page views. Consequently, she was approached to write a gluten-free cookbook and eventually started the Gluten-Free Recipe Challenge podcast where she shares her gluten-free cooking and baking tips.

Together Megan and Melissa have partnered on several retreats that have garnered long-term collaborations and business traction. They share a similar passion for community outreach and building a community hive to grow together!