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Meet the Speakers

Joey Petracca

Co-Founder and COO at Chicory

Topic: Contextual advertising as a new ad stream for creators – a cookieless option that complements any existing ad network revenue

Nick Minnick

VP of Strategic Partnerships at Chicory

Topic: Contextual advertising as a new ad stream for creators – a cookieless option that complements any existing ad network revenue

Ty Kilgore

Founder at Everything Digital Marketing

Topic: Cooking Up SEO magic: Identifying high-value recipes that maximize your traffic potential

Kate Ahl

Owner and founder of Simple Pin Media

Topic: Get all of your burning Pinterest questions answered

Cari Garcia

Content Creator and Food Blogger at

Topic: Instagram & TikTok: How to tackle short form video and successfully grow an audience on social media

Larisha Bernard and Andrew Bernard

Recipe creators at and Youtube creators behind Make It Dairy Free and The Nard Dog Cooks

Topic:  Youtube: How to diversify income and increase your blog’s page views with video

Meggan Hill

Food blogger at Culinary Hill

Topic: Email marketing: Target and grow an email list that is hungry for your content

Jesse Kennedy

Creative Director at AWeber

Topic: Email Marketing

Christine Pittman

Blogger at COOKtheSTORY + TheCookful and podcaster at Recipe of the Day

Topic: Grow your community, transform your connection with your readers and bring more money into your business through podcasting

Adam Sobel

Restaurateur, cookbook author, and culinary educator at Cinnamon Snail and Galactic Megastallion

Topic: Build a thriving online cooking class business

Monica Davis

Food blogger at The Hidden Veggies and Vegan Meal Plans 101

Topic: How to get 10,000+ highly targeted email subscribers every year allowing for 5-figure product launches

Brittany Roche and Terrence Roche

Food bloggers at Plant Power Couple

Topic: Pitch and work with brands in a sustainable way so you don’t burn out

Kara Myers

Founder of Sweetly Splendid

Topic: Stress less, produce more content and do more of what you love by developing processes, systems and automations

Sharla Kostelyk

Blogger and YouTuber at Freezer Meals 101 and creator of the Freezer Meals 101 Club

Topic: Leverage your audience to create community, diversify your income through membership sales and understand the concept of pricing psychology

Ansley Beutler

Full-time food blogger and Certified Public Accountant at Peach Perfect Financials

Topic: Business & Taxes for Bloggers

Madison Wetherill

Food blogger and founder of Grace + Vine Studios

Topic: Leverage Your Business for Optimal Growth

Brad Tunis

Owner of Boundless Hypnotherapy and mindfulness coaching, hypnotherapist and breath work facilitator and coach

Topic: Get the most of your creative learning experience by leaning into breath work and mindfulness

Natalya Drozhzhin

Food blogger at

Topic: Hiring and managing a team

Erin Harding

Director of Advertising and Design at Simple Pin Media

Topic: Learn about a Pinterest strategy for selling your digital products through the platform, resulting in increased sales